live longer, be happy

live longer, be happy•

Drink plenty of water, daily •

Eat your veggies and fruits Aim to eat at minimum 3 servings each of vegetables and fruits daily. This will keep your digestion moving along and will provide your body with loads of nutrients. • Healthy fats and proteins. Consume quality protein sources if you’re eating animal proteins (organic, grass fed, pasture raised etc). Also incorporate healthy fats such as plant-based sources from avocados, olive oils, nut or seed butters. Avoid processed foods, eat whole foods as much as possible. • Limit alcohol consumption • Avoid sugar. Consume only natural sugars such as those found in fruits or the occasional maple syrup, honey, or stevia • Exercise. Walking 15 minutes a day will do wonders. If you are more advanced even better • Reduce stress, take time daily to de-stress however you choose. Yoga and meditation are great outlets. Positive mind and spirit will get you through these lifestyle changes. Be well!